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Paritta Chanting

The sutras that Buddhists recite for protection are known as Paritta Chanting. Here, 'protection' means shielding ourselves from various forms of evil spirits, misfortune, sickness, and influence of the planetary systems, as well as instilling confidence in the mind for wellbeing. The vibrant sound of the chantings create an extremely pleasant atmosphere in the vicinity. The rhythm of the chantings are also very important. On one occasion, when a child was reported to have been affected by some evil influence, the Buddha instructed His monks to recite sutras to provide protection to the child. Despite the child not knowing any of the meaning of the sutras, the child was protected from evil forces.



Dhamma Desana

A mixture of Audio and Video desana are held at the Bristol Buddhist Vihara. Weekly sutra discussions and meditation programmes are also organised by Venerable Pelwatte Dhammananda Thero. A number of very useful Dhamma sermons to the community are also provided by the Sanga community.

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