When giving donations it is very important to have a contented mind; this applies to before giving, while giving, and after giving. The opportunity to give generous donations made on behalf of the Buddha Sasana is highlighted as a rare and a fortunate occurrence, in this vicious cycle of Samsara, which only stops when one attains Nibbana. Also sharing the meritorious deed with a compassionate mind for the welfare, benefit, and happiness of the whole universe will bring countless merits. Just like a thousand candles can be lighted from a single candle, yet the life of the single candle will not be shortened. Happiness can only increase when shared.

These funds will be utilised for the Vihara establishment and future development plans.

See New Vihara Development Plan Leaflet

There is an interesting story recorded in our scriptures. When Anatapindaka after spending an enormous amount of wealth, donated Jethawanaramaya to the Buddha and the Maha Sangha, a man among the crowds said "Sadu Sadu Sadu" showing that his mind was full of Joy and Gladness (citta-prasāda) towards this great act of giving. The man in the crowds who didn't spend anything received a Gold Mansion in the Deva Loka following his death, while Anatapindaka who spent that enormous wealth only received a Silver Mansion. This shows that it really doesn’t matter how you give, how much you give, and even what you give material or immaterial.


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