About Vihara

Bristol Buddhist Vihara

Bristol Buddhist Vihara was established in 2012 to promote Theravada Buddhism in the Southwest region of the UK. The temple engages in a broad scale of Dhamma activities including conduction of Dhamma sermons as well as Seela and Bhavana (meditation) programs for the benefit of both Sri Lankan and non-Sri Lankan Buddhist communities in the Southwest region of the UK. The temple also offers Dhamma education programs to children in the community through the Dhamma School (where Sinhala Language and Buddhism are taught) in Bristol and surrounding areas including Cardiff, Gloucester, Swindon, and Southampton.



Bristol Buddhist Vihara is a non-profit organisation and a registered charity established in 2012 under the guidance and leadership of Venerable Pelwatte Dhammananda Thero with a handful of members. Over the years it has continuously grown up to be a popular organisation with benefactors spread over the Southwest region of the UK. Through great perseverance, it continues to provide for the social and spiritual needs of Sri Lankan and non-Sri Lankan communities in this part of the country.


Bristol Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara (Legal name: Paramitha Community Development Foundation; Reg. No: 08199348)