Resident Monks

Currently, Venarable Pelwatte Dhammananda Thero from Sri Lanka is residing in the temple to conform not only to the mundane, but also to the spiritual religious necessities of both Sri Lankan and non-Sri Lankan Buddhist communities living in Bristol and the Southwest region’s surrounding areas including Cardiff, Gloucester, Swindon and Southampton.


Venarable Palwetthe Dhammananda

Venarable Pelwaththe Dhammananda Thero

The Chief Incumbent Venarable Pelwatte Dhammananda Thero founded the Bristol Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara. He is also the resident monk who renders a yeoman service to the community on a voluntary basis. He has been in Bristol since 2012, and his welfare is being looked after by the community through the Vihara committee and the membership (dhayaka sabawa), and in keeping with the well-established Buddhist traditions.